There are two options for using DNS Shotgun. You can either install the dependencies and use the scripts from the repository directly, or use a pre-built docker image.

Using script directly

You can use the toolchain scripts directly from the git repository. You need to ensure you have the required dependencies installed. Also make sure to check out some tagged version, as the development happens in master branch.

$ git clone
$ git checkout v20210203


When using the scripts directly, the following dependencies are needed. If you only wish to process shotgun JSON output (e.g. plot charts), then dnsjit isn't required.

Docker Image

Pre-built image can be obtained from CZ.NIC DNS Shotgun Registry.

$ docker pull

Alternately, you can build the image yourself from Dockerfile in the repository.

Docker Usage

  • Make sure to run with --network host.
  • Mount input/output directories and files with -v/--volume.
  • Using --privileged might slightly improve performance if you don't mind the security risk.
$ docker run \
    --network host \
    -v "$PWD:/mnt" \ \